WHO Behind What We Do: Rhonda Bryson

By: Fara Foster, Director of Communications & Community Engagement

Every organization has its own “go-to”; the person who knows the answers to most questions and is always willing to help. That person is always busy because everyone knows he or she can be counted on. 

Factor in handling money and those qualities become even more meaningful.

Meet Rhonda Bryson. She definitely wants to meet you. It’s easy to see that from the smile that greets you when you enter her line of sight.

Those who face deadlines on a daily basis also deal with stress on a daily basis. Since Rhonda’s primary responsibilities are making sure all bills are paid on time, deadlines are a huge part of her world. If that is stressful for her, she never shows any sign of it.

Meticulous with her job requirements, she is quietly focused, and that focus is always on serving others. She will never miss a deadline, nor will she miss an opportunity to help someone else. If you find yourself looking for office supplies, all you have to do is open the third cabinet and she pops up, offering guidance. Copier out of toner? She magically appears. Leftovers in the kitchen? She’s the first to clean and put things away. 

None of those things are her job; they are her nature. To her, it’s no big deal. To her co-workers, it’s just a part of what we admire and respect about her. 

The larger part of why she is so adored is the smile mentioned earlier. Even when life is at its most trying, she maintains that same warm smile and joy of life. Her laugh is contagious and so is her attitude. Rhonda finds the rainbow in every storm and the good in everyone she meets.

Having worked alongside her for the past eight of her 18 years with the company, I have learned a lot from Rhonda. Not just where paper clips are stored or how to determine if an invoice has been paid, but how to approach every task as a gift to those she works with. Rhonda Bryson is a treasured gift to our family of companies and we proudly celebrate her as our WHO Behind What We Do.