1. 1914

    William Lehman and George Roberts meet while working for the Carey-Reed Co. in Lexington, KY.

  2. 1939

    William Lehman and George Roberts pooled their assets to purchase the Memphis operations of the Carey-Reed Company and join forces as the Lehman-Roberts Company.

  3. 1939

    Lehman-Roberts Company paves their first Memphis street, Chelsea Avenue Extended.

  4. 1940

    1940 - 1941 Lehman-Roberts Company begins paving such important Memphis streets as Bellevue Blvd, Lamar Ave. and Jackson Ave., and begins an 8-year paving project at Memphis Airport.

  5. 1946

    Lehman-Roberts Company moves their headquarters from Front Street to the current location at 1111 Wilson Street and begins paving downtown streets after the trolley tracks were removed.

  6. 1947

    After the passing of George Roberts, his son-in- law, Jim Madison, is elected to the board of directors.

  7. 1948

    Lehman-Roberts Company begins paving Hwy. 51 from Memphis to Millington.

  8. 1951

    Lehman-Roberts Company begins paving the Naval Base in Millington, TN.

  9. 1970

    Jim Madison is named the President of Lehman-Roberts Company.

  10. 1972

    Longtime business associates, Lehman-Roberts Company and Memphis Stone & Gravel Company, become affiliated through common ownership. William Lehman retires as Chairman of the Board.

  11. 1976

    Don Frazier is named President after the unexpected death of Jim Madison and leads the company for the next 22 years.

  12. 1978

    Lehman-Roberts Company purchases Fuquay Asphalt and Binward Sand & Gravel in Hernando, current location of Plant 6.

  13. 1982

    “Lehman-Roberts Company establishes first permanent office in Mississippi with the purchase of Grenada Asphalt, Grenada Sand & Gravel, and Farrish Sand & Gravel.”

  14. 1986

    Lehman-Roberts Company moves their equipment shop from Hollywood Street to its current location at 1098 Wilson Street.

  15. 1993

    Lehman-Roberts Company initiates 401k for employees.

  16. 1994

    Lehman-Roberts Company purchases the asphalt paving division of Mississippi Limestone in Friars Point, MS, and enters the Arkansas market for the first time.

  17. 1995

    Lehman-Roberts Company purchases Greenfield Asphalt in Tunica County to accommodate the road expansions and commercial construction due to the incoming gaming industry.

  18. 1997

    Rick Moore, the son-in-law of Jim Madison, is named the President of Lehman-Roberts Co., upon the retirement of Donald Frazier.

  19. 2000

    Lehman-Roberts Company purchases Oxford Asphalt Company.

  20. 2004

    Lehman-Roberts Company enters the fourth generation of Roberts family ownership.

  21. 2005

    Rick Moore serves as Chairman of the National Asphalt Pavement Association.

  22. 2006

    Lehman-Roberts Company plays a major role in the first section of I-69 in DeSoto County, the first major new section of interstate highway to be constructed in the state of Mississippi in 40 years.

  23. 2008

    Lehman-Roberts Company purchases Thomas Paving in Byhalia, the current location of our Plant 10.

  24. 2010

    Lehman-Roberts Company begins TPR program.

  25. 2011

    Lehman-Roberts Company holds first week-long Annual Training Academy for all employees.

  26. 2012

    Pat Nelson, the son-in-law of Rick Moore, is named the President of Lehman-Roberts Co. and Rick Moore is elevated to Chairman of the Board.

  27. 2014

    Lehman-Roberts Company celebrates 75th Anniversary.

  28. 2016

    Rick Moore retires as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Pat Nelson assumes that role. Lehman-Roberts Company begins construction of one of the final legs of I-269 around Memphis, from Goodman Road, east of Olive Branch, to Lewisburg, MS.


We call them our “Core Four” and they are central to how we operate our companies.


  • Every member of our team is willing to do whatever necessary to get the work done right and meet our customers’ needs.


  • Many people have worked hard to establish the reputation and success of our companies. It is up to us to be good stewards of the gifts bestowed by those who went before us, so that these blessings may be passed along to those who come after us.

Continuous Improvement

  • Even what is “Best in Class” today can be improved upon. We strive daily to perform to the best of our personal and professional abilities, while improving on yesterday’s performance.


  • Every value listed above is hollow without relationships. People are what this company is about – the people we serve and the people we serve alongside.


For us, safety isn’t just about meeting standards. It’s about ensuring every one of our team members (and those who use our roads) make it home to their families every day. In everything we do, we think about how it affects the people we’re trying to help — and how we can prevent injuries or accidents in the process.


We’re in the asphalt business because we want to help communities where we live and work to thrive. That commitment goes beyond simple roadwork, and each of our team members takes great pride in helping make our community of Soulsville and the greater Mid-South a better place.


As an industry leader for more than 75 years, Lehman-Roberts Company has received recognition nationwide for our quality work and commitment to excellence.