TPR Stars: Fall 2023

In the construction world, the autumn season typically brings an array of beautiful weather and also a fair share of projects to wrap up before winter temperatures kick in. However, with this influx of “busyness,” we also had three teams go above and beyond in TPR equipment operator participation.

TPR, aka Total Process Reliability, is a program that demonstrates our core value of stewardship through proper care and maintenance of equipment and tools. In line with this, our family of companies aims to celebrate the people and teams who are excelling in this display of stewardship.

Shannon Minga (TPR Coordinator) shared, “These road crew teams run a pre-shift walk-around.” 

They have a checklist that goes along with each piece of equipment and depending on what equipment they run, they go through that checklist and enter it into our [internal] platform.”

Which three crews made their mark in the fall TPR scoreboard? For the month of August, Walter Shoemaker’s crew achieved 97% operator participation. For September, Duke Watt’s crew had 98%. For October, both Shoemaker’s and Watt’s crews tied at 99%. Shannon added, “With that being said, I’m not going to leave out Tethion Jones’ crew. For the month of September, his crew had over 97%, and in October he was at 92% – The reason for which was because they had several days where they ran less equipment.”

“These are our top 3 crews with buy-in that are leading the pack. These guys are totally bought into the mindset,” said Shannon. He also shared of plans to get other teams involved in the program by adding, “Starting in November, I challenged every road crew to be at a minimum of 80% operator participation.”

Overall, why is operator care so important? Shannon put it best when he said, “This is our morning checklist… We look for any defects that we can get taken care of, so our equipment is ready to go and safe for each team member to operate. Longer-term we’re trying to extend the life of each piece of equipment. In addition to our road crew teams, these walkarounds also happen at our asphalt plants and wash plants.”