WHO Behind What We Do: Tethion “Shawn” Jones

On every road you cruise on, careful planning and multitasking went into the project to make the ride a success for motorists. One major role that plays into a successful project is that of the leadman. As a foreman’s right-hand man, the leadman serves with a watchful eye on almost every aspect of a functioning work zone. One key player in this role is Tethion Jones, sometimes referred to as Shawn by his team.

Having been with our family of companies for nearly 24 years, he’s spent the past two decades learning all there is to know about paving. Before being appointed as leadman, Shawn was a crucial part of running the paver. Fast forward to today, and you’ll see that Shawn is one of the “go-to” guys on Keith Taylor’s crew.

Tethion "Shawn" Jones

While his peers consistently speak highly of him, Shawn’s humility speaks for itself. You’ll never catch him seeking the spotlight, but instead quietly working for the ultimate good of his team. JJ Riles, general superintendent, remarked, “Ever since Shawn was made a leadman back in 2018, he’s excelled in this role. He’s always wearing his PPE and [always taking on extra responsibilities].” Dennis Harrod, paving superintendent, added, “Shawn is just a great guy. He’s never absent and never complains.”

A perfect example of this humility is when Shawn’s foreman stepped away for a period of time to recover from surgery. Not only did Shawn continue performing his regular leadman duties, but he also served as a temporary foreman for his crew. “Shawn stepped up to the plate and had my back while I was away,” his foreman, Keith, shared. “He’s always stepped up and handled things when we need him to. Shawn is well worth it and more.”

Ultimately, it’s in Shawn’s nature to start and end the day with dependability. His crew will tell you that, more often than not, Shawn is the first person at the job site each day and one of the last to leave. Between those hours, you’ll find him inputting time for his crew, fueling up equipment, readying the morning huddle-up for the team, and everything in between. Keith closed with, “Shawn is a top-notch guy. He helps keep the crew together… they all work well with one another and like to cut up with each other.”

All in all, we’re thankful for Shawn’s dedication and willingness to lead by example. We certainly couldn’t get the job done without him. Lehman-Roberts appreciates you, Shawn!