WHO Behind What We Do: Ray McCarver

By: Taylor McPherson, Director of Communications and Community Engagement

From the first load of aggregate that is mined to the final product of asphalt being laid on the road, it speaks to the talent and sheer willpower of our team to keep the process running like a well-oiled machine. A major component of these efficiencies is having tools and equipment that are properly maintained to get the job done. With plant locations stretching out across 100 miles, this is no easy feat. Yet, our stellar asset management team certainly makes it appear so.

For 25 years, Ray McCarver has certainly put true meaning behind the word “efficient.” As Fuel/Lube Man, his days typically consist of preventative maintenance (PM) services on our asphalt and aggregate wash plants. Ray uses his mastery of machinery to service an array of equipment at each site, including loaders, generators, water pumps, excavators and more. However, this also requires in depth coordination to ensure that Ray is at each site when needed throughout the week.

While care for equipment is part of the job description, Ray truly lives out the true essence of our core value of stewardship. Matt Cox, Director of Asset Management, shared, “The nature of his work – preventative maintenance on the equipment and resources we use – is stewardship by design. But Ray also stewards his time and the company’s time extremely well. We’ll give him a list of PM services due at the first of the week and he starts coordinating [quickly] and developing a route to plan out his week so he’s the most efficient he can be.”

Tommy Renfro, Shop Manager and to whom Ray directly reports, added, “Ray exemplifies all the core values of our company, but the way he takes care of equipment and works with the crews to make the most efficient use of his time is just over and beyond what is expected of him.”

Yet, Ray’s top-notch work ethic doesn’t come at the expense of his humility. His teammate Chris White remarked, “He likes what he does, and he’ll work with anybody.” Matt also added, “Ray is just the type of person to do anything you ask of him. He’s a great guy.”

Since his role takes him to numerous job sites, Ray always keeps serious consideration for the safety of the task and his fellow teammates. Part of this dedication is a willingness to speak up if he senses a hazard. Chris went on to share, “If he sees something unsafe, he’ll bring it to someone’s attention.”

But Ray doesn’t stop there. He lives this high standard of safety both on and off the job. “The thing that really hits home with me is not only his dedication to safety but also just how he lives his life,” added Tommy. “He’s going to work the safest way possible wherever he’s at.” Matt, who is an eight-year employee, reinforced this by adding, “Ray McCarver has not had an incident as long as I’ve been here.”

Trust is what binds a team together. Trust to get the job done well, but also trust to look out for one another. Matt closed by adding, “Ray requires zero supervision.” It’s clear that Ray’s team not only trusts him deeply but also holds him in high regard. Thank you for all you do, Ray! We’re honored to have you as part of the Lehman-Roberts/Memphis Stone & Gravel family.

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