WHO Behind What We Do – Joseph “Bo” Williamson

By: Taylor McPherson, Director of Communications & Community Engagement

Our team has spent extensive time examining and defining what it means to be a good leader. Amongst the list of attributes, one in particular that stands out time and time again are leaders who are willing to “sweep the floors.” That is, those who are willing to check their pride at the door to complete any task, no matter how small and no matter what level they’re at. Joseph Williamson, a.k.a. “Bo,” checks every box off the list of humble leadership.

Bo began his journey with our family of companies in 2010 as a member of Shannon Minga’s milling crew. He was eager to learn, and still is. Now more than 10 years later, he’s putting his learnings into action as an equipment operator by maneuvering a shoulder spreader, backhoe, broom, and more. “Bo is familiar with almost every piece of equipment we own and can operate them all,” said Shannon.

However, you don’t get successful by being idle. Many of his teammates also attest to his outstanding work ethic and attitude. “Bo will do anything you ask him to do. He doesn’t mind work,” remarked General Superintendent Jarod Riles. “I remember one day when his team got rained out from a project in Batesville and he called me to ask if he could come work on a project in Memphis for the day.” Construction Superintendent Pete Ramey added, “Bo’s a good, conscientious hard-worker and takes responsibility well. If someone is out of pocket, he steps up.”

It’s easy to see that Bo also shines through his leadership potential. Melanie Stinson, Human Resources Manager agreed, stating, “When I hear people mention Bo, they always bring up his leadership abilities.” Shannon also added, “He acts like a leader. He’s just got that mentality.”

His abilities to lead are also backed up by his versatility on our team. When paving season comes to a close each year for the winter, Bo doesn’t just hang up his hard hat. You can also find him helping out with winter maintenance at our asphalt plants. “Bo is a great help at the plants during the winter… That’s why I ask for him every year,” Blake Kimbrough, Asphalt Plants Assistant Superintendent, affirmed. “He really bends over backwards for our team.”

Bo is also a role model through his efforts to continuously improve upon performance. “He’s always looking for better ways to do things. He strives every day to make sure what he does is right,” said Shannon. As a member of the Continuous Improvement Team #1, Bo was able to play a part in implementing the daily safety huddle-up process that our crews perform at the start of each day.

Among all of these incredible qualities, perhaps the favorite of those he serves alongside is his contagious spirit. “Bo is very loyal, and his personality is amazing… He’s just so genuine,” said Blake. “He’s a very valued part of this company.” Melanie agreed, stating, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bo in a bad mood, and it influences everyone around him.”

Bo, thank you for being a walking and talking example of our core values. We certainly count our blessings to have you as part of the team!