WHO Behind What We Do: Ellis Jones

By: Fara Foster, Director of Communications & Community Engagement

We use a variety of equipment when we pave roadways. You may see motor graders, power brooms, and rollers in addition to the asphalt paver itself. Every operator plays a key role on the paving team, and none more key than the person operating the paver.

On any paving job, there is a lot of movement. The paver operator has to be constantly alert, able to guide and direct the dump trucks backing up to the paver hopper, while maneuvering his or her own gears to control the machine spreads and asphalt levels. The operator has to thoroughly understand the operation of this complex piece of equipment to ensure proper depth, grade and finish of the asphalt being placed as well as have a keen sense of ownership for constant and correct maintenance.

The best paver operators not only run and maintain their machines, they also respect and care for their team members. Paver operators have the highest vantage point and carry a huge responsibility for keeping an eye out for others in addition to their job responsibilities. Ellis Jones does it daily with an unsurpassed finesse.

With our companies for over 18 years, Ellis is the definition of dependable. A quiet man, he is never one to complain. “In all the years I’ve worked with Ellis,” said Michael Ellis, VP of Construction, “I have never once heard him say the first negative word.” The top of the paver is the literal “hot seat” of the operation, too, with the temperatures reaching 20-30 degrees higher than on the ground. Jim Whitten, our administrative manager, told a story of checking temps on an extremely hot day. “When I shot the temperature gun towards the top of the paver, it read 130 degrees and there sat Ellis, just smiling at me, never once complaining.”

He is also a man of few words, always preferring to ask about others instead of talking about himself. No matter what is going on, he will turn the conversation to his concern about how you are. Even his email signature contains a brief, concise statement that testifies to his concern about other people.

There are numerous people throughout our family of companies who come to work daily, not just performing their respective roles, but go beyond the call of duty to show their care for those around them. Ellis Jones is a remarkable human being, a healthy role model, and a sincere friend. We salute Ellis and thank you for your quiet, dedicated service to our companies and your friends. Lehman-Roberts loves you!