WHO Behind What We Do: Curtis Jones

By: Taylor McPherson, Director of Communications and Community Engagement

Paving roadways can be painstaking work – even more so during peak season. More often than not, the task brings with it long days and extreme temperatures to work in. Thus, it takes some pretty phenomenal people to see the vision through to the end. Curtis Jones takes what it means to be a good teammate one step further.

After more than 23 years on our team, Curtis is no stranger to a long day spent at a job site. Yet, whether he’s running the roller, operating the screed on the back of the paver, or luting, you’ll most likely catch him doing so with a smile. Spend a few more minutes with the crew and without a doubt, you’ll hear Curtis’ team laughing at a joke he shared. All in all, Curtis is a positive force in making the job fun and the days pass quickly.

“Ever since I’ve been here, I’ve been working with Curtis,” shared Michael Ellis, VP of Construction. “One thing I’d say is that he’s always a smiling, positive guy.” He went on to add, “Curtis is one that really cares about his teammates. He’s always there to lift everyone’s spirits.”

His Foreman, Darrell “Woody” Franklin, mirrored Michael’s sentiments by sharing, “Curtis is good at encouraging everyone and keeping [the job] going. If he sees someone having problems with something he does everything he can to help them out.”

Yet, Curtis doesn’t just stop when it comes to being a quality co-worker. He puts that same level of care into both the care of his equipment and the job itself. Jarod Riles, General Superintendent, remarked, “Curtis takes the initiative to make sure the job is done correctly. He pays attention and cares about the quality.”

Years ago, our family of companies were working to define what humility looks like. We came up with a phrase known as “sweeping the floors.” That is, being willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, regardless of title or status. Curtis goes above and beyond to exude this trait daily. Superintendent Pete Ramey shared, “Curtis is dependable. He fills in wherever we need him, whether that’s raking, shoveling, or running the roller.”

Curtis has spent the past two decades raising the bar – not because he has to, but because he wants to. It speaks volumes about the remarkable person he is. It’s for these reasons and countless more that we are honored to recognize him as our next WHO Behind What We Do.

We appreciate you, Curtis!


Curtis Jones photo
Curtis Jones photo