WHO Behind What We Do: Alvin Reese

By: Taylor McPherson, Director of Communications and Community Engagement

What defines an all-around “good” teammate? Some may say it’s one who is efficient and hardworking. Others might say it’s someone who looks out for the well-being of their crew or makes the job fun. When Alvin Reese is brought up in conversation, it’s clear that he brings all of these strengths to the table, along with countless more.

Alvin joined our family more than 10 years ago and has made a lasting impression since. Currently, he serves as an established member of Dylan Robinson’s prep crew. Whether they’re patching, milling, or paving, you name the job needed and there’s a good chance this crew can tackle it with ease. It goes without saying that Alvin is one of the instrumental reasons behind why they do it all so well.

As an equipment operator, Alvin can be found on a power broom or roller, depending on the day you step onto the job site. This role requires top-notch attention to detail – for a job well done, but also to ensure the team stays out of harm’s way. However, Alvin makes the safety of the crew his prime concern. “Alvin really watches others’ backs while they’re working,” said Dennis Harrod, Paving Superintendent. “If they’re working right up against traffic, he speaks up if he sees a car get too close. If need be, he also moves the cones to make sure they’re in the right place.” Dylan Robinson, Foreman of the crew joked, “We’ve all got two eyes, but I think Alvin’s got two in the back of his head, too. He’s always watching out for everyone.”

Yet, Alvin’s service to his team goes deeper, as he makes it his mission to be a reliable leader each day he puts on the hard hat. “He’s a natural leader… everyone [on the crew] listens to him and follows his lead every day,” remarked Dylan. Jarod Riles, General Superintendent agreed, “Alvin has been in a lot of situations that gave him experience to tell new guys what to look out for. He watches over them and lets them know if there’s a better or safer way to do it.”

Known as one to never complain, Alvin leads by example. Superintendent Preston Bryson remarked, “He shows people how things have been done the right way in the past, so they don’t mess up.”

Yet, his humility is part of the reason why he is so deeply loved by his team. Jarod went on to say, “Alvin helps train new teammates, but instead of sitting back and letting them do all the work, he helps in any way he can… He really contributes in a lot of different ways to the crew.” Dennis added, “Alvin’s really a good guy. He does whatever he can do to help the crew out.”

On the jobs where our crew is met with long days, Alvin’s outgoing personality is key in making the job fun. Preston also shared, “Alvin is fun to work around. He’s funny and really makes the day go by faster.”

It’s easy to see that Alvin has paved a strong foundation for what it means to be a dedicated teammate. “He’s the backbone of my crew,” Dylan shared, “I hope he spends many more years with us.” We certainly do, too.

Alvin, we thank you for your intentionality to help others and for being an outstanding example of our core values!