The Lehman-Roberts Way

A lot of times you’ll hear us say that there’s a shared brotherhood in our team. We saw that in action this week when Walter Shoemaker (Foreman) was sidelined due to a medical emergency. Not only did his team step up to the plate to keep the job going, but they went above and beyond.

Walter shared firsthand, “I was in my truck when I began to feel very ill. It got to the point where I couldn’t breathe… I was in so much pain. My crew was concerned for me and trying to tell me to go to the ER.”

“At one point, the pain got so bad that Isaac held me in a bear hug so I could breathe and get some relief… which believe me, seeing two grown men ‘bearhug’ on the side of the road was a funny site to see,” he laughed.

“Eventually I went to the ER, but their support didn’t stop there. They were constantly calling and checking in on me… even the truckers on the job were doing the same. Instead of pausing the job, they told me the group said to themselves, ‘if Walter were here, he’d still be working, so that’s what we’re going to do too.'”

Keeping the Job Rolling

“After setting up the job, they ran with no hiccups… I’ve had several people texting me saying ‘you’ve got one heck of a crew.’

And I 100% know that’s true. With the amount of people that have called and bragged on them these last few days, that’s how you know something is truly right.”

“It’s just made me so proud to see these guys come together… I’ve been teaching that if someone is missing, we keep it going. Little did I know that it’d be me to put that to the test.”

Walter closed by saying, “I am super proud of those guys and appreciate everything they’ve done. Everyone has stepped up and into their responsibilities and hasn’t looked back, saying, ‘boss man, just get better, and get back out here when you can.'”

“I’m so proud of them, not just for today, but every job that’s been thrown at us, they have overcome it.”

That’s brotherhood right there… That’s the Lehman-Roberts way. Thanks to this incredible team for making our family of companies proud.

Walter Shoemaker's Shoulder Crew