Superintendent Pete Ramey Enters Retirement

April had a bittersweet end, as Pete Ramey (Superintendent), announced his retirement after a fruitful career that stretched more than 2 decades with our family of companies

There was no shortage of kind words that spoke to Pete’s work ethic and commitment to excellence, because that’s just who Pete is.

Jarod Riles (General Superintendent) put it perfectly when he said, “You can’t think of Batesville/Oxford-area operations without thinking of Pete. His knowledge of the asphalt world is second to none. Pete is a strong leader and just a great person.” 

Michael Ellis (VP of Construction) added, “If there’s one thing that was Pete’s value, it was ‘whatever you are doing, do it to perfection.’”

Michael went on to share, “Whatever we were working on, it was gonna be right by Lehman-Roberts, the customers, the traveling public, and every other aspect you can imagine. That’s Pete in a nutshell. He would never do something halfway.”

We wish Pete many blessed days ahead, filled with prosperity and joy!