Safety Leadership Training

By: Fara Foster, Director of Communications & Community Engagement

Safety Leadership Training
When the CAT Safety trainer, Kevin Ellison, last joined us, he held meetings separately in both our Memphis and Batesville offices for our frontline, mid-level and top managers, including our owners. During those meetings, everyone heard updates on the new “Huddle-up for Safety” progress and received further leadership training.

Pat Nelson addressed the Memphis group, saying, “What will move the needle most is the leadership in this room.” He went on to reiterate that the initiative and training were simply about making sure people go home safely every night.

Everyone in the meetings heard the goals of the program as well as their respective responsibilities. Regardless of role, each of us can actively participate in safety, model positive behaviors and take time to recognize safe behaviors in each other. It’s really about a mindset. What we think about, we become. When we think about safety, we live safely. Safety starts with YOU.