RECAP: MLK Day of Service 2022

By: Taylor McPherson, Director of Communication and Community Engagement

Impact. It’s a word we hear often… Probably even more so in the days leading up to and following our annual MLK Day of Service. But what is the true impact of the day’s events? What is the benefit gained from the array of service projects we take on each year? Well, to put it briefly – it’s pretty significant.

Now in our 8th year of this company-wide tradition, the event continues to grow. Where we once had a handful of projects, we now typically complete 35 or more. The tasks fluctuate year to year, but you can be certain to find someone with a paintbrush or rake in their hands.

This year, projects included brush and debris clearing, underpinning installations, painting, power washing, planting and more. A few big “wins” included:

  • Milling of a back portion of the parking lot at Alpha Omega Veterans Services. Upon completion, this site is planned to serve as the grounds of a garden for veterans in care of this facility.
  • Assisting with roofing, trim, and doors on a storage shed, along with finishing fencing on a property that our team has partnered with Alcy Ball Development Corporation now for 2+ years. Once finished, this will serve as the living arrangements for their Affordable Renters Program, which will be rented to a family working towards home ownership. While in the program, they will receive ownership training and buyer education.
  • Lastly, we had a team use their engineering wits to repair a broken bridge on a playset at New Hope Christian Academy. While this was taking place, another group worked on tearing down and clearing out a 40-year-old set of bleachers on the other half of the property. Now, their staff will be able to tackle redevelopment for their recreational spaces.

Overall, we are still feeling blessed and humbled from the day’s events of January 17, 2022. To our mission partners, we are honored to show our support for the incredible work you are completing in our communities. To our team, we are entirely grateful for the time, talent and efforts that allowed us to take on these projects. As we set our sights on next year’s MLK Day of Service, the mission presses on!

Seth Harkins of Alcy Ball and Gary of Lehman-Roberts install doors on a storage shed.
Eddie of Memphis Stone & Gravel wraps up the day’s events with Advance Memphis staff Steve Nash and Ronald Proctor.

Who did we partner with this year?

  • Advance Memphis
  • Alcy Ball CDC
  • Alpha Omega Veterans Services
  • Baptist Children’s Village
  • Knowledge Quest
  • Memphis Athletic Ministries
  • Multinational Ministries
  • New Hope Christian Academy
  • STREETS Ministries

Click below to watch a recap of MLK Day of Service 2022: