Lehman-Roberts’ Leader Michael Ellis Appointed MAPA President

MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 26, 2022 – Michael Ellis, Vice President of Construction at Lehman-Roberts Co., a leader in the highway paving, construction, asphalt and aggregate industry, was appointed President of the Mississippi Asphalt Pavement Association (MAPA).

“Our company values have always closely aligned with MAPA in that we care deeply for the people, the taxpayers and the industry at large,” said Michael Ellis. “I look forward to serving the best interest of these three parties to ensure a bright future is ahead for Mississippi transportation infrastructure.”

As President of MAPA, Michael will serve as the point person for a number of relationships within the association, including associate members, legislators, and more. He will serve a one-year term until spring of 2023.

“Michael Ellis is a proven leader with a track-record of success in the asphalt industry,” said Michael Arnemann, Executive Director of MAPA. “We have no doubt that he’ll continue the positive momentum set by his predecessors who previously led the Mississippi Asphalt Pavement Association. I look forward to working with Michael and anticipate great achievements during his MAPA presidency.”

About Lehman-Roberts
Lehman-Roberts and sister company Memphis Stone and Gravel, have been a part of the fabric of Memphis for more than a combined 190 years. Now in its fourth generation of family ownership, the family of companies continues to build upon a long tradition of quality, trust and strong managerial leadership that distinguishes them among competitors in the highway construction and aggregate industries. With an impressive record and vibrant leadership, it is well poised for its next 190 years of success. For more information, please call (901) 774-4000 or visit www.lehmanroberts.com.

About Mississippi Asphalt Pavement Association
The objects and purposes of the Mississippi Asphalt Pavement Association (MAPA) are to improve communications and understanding within the entire asphalt paving industry; to influence fair and equitable design, specifications and inspection; to protect the doctrine of free enterprise and competition; to stimulate and encourage more extensive research relative to the manufacture and use of asphalt pavements; to educate within the industry for higher standards, lawful trade practices and lawful ethical conduct; to act and function as an educational Association on behalf of the asphalt paving industry; and to do any and all things lawful that may be of benefit to the members of MAPA or other business interests and for improving the physical, mental and moral condition of mankind. To learn more, please visit www.asphaltpavems.com