Community Investment and Giving

Humility. Stewardship. Continuous Improvement. Relationships. These values, our Core Four, are ingrained in the central operation of our family of companies. We don’t just work within our communities, we are invested in them, continually finding areas for community investment and improvement. Take a look at some of our areas of local service this year:

MLK Day of Service

At our company-wide annual MLK Day of Service at the beginning of each year, employee teams partner with an array of community organizations, such as: Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Memphis Delta Preparatory, Multi-National Ministries, Advance Memphis, Alcy Ball Development Association, Clean Memphis, KnowledgeQuest, Memphis Athletic Ministries, and STREETS Ministries. In addition, these partnerships continue throughout the year, with various employees participating in philanthropic events hosted by each organization.

St. Jude

Several employees have family members who have received treatment at St. Jude, both past and present. In moments like these, our family joins together to demonstrate just how deep our bond truly goes. Early in the summer, an employee had a grandchild receiving treatment at St. Jude. His team members united to raise funding through a raffle, raising $270 for the hospital. Not only did they hold a second raffle, but they upped the ante, with several team members offering to match 50% of the funds raised. Overall, they raised $665, and began challenging their peers to join in the fight to end childhood cancer.

Another facet of community investment is inspiring and empowering others to join you in service. This fall, Memphis Stone & Gravel had the opportunity to deliver rocks to DeSoto Primary School. Students were able to pick out their very own rock and paint it. These creations soon were able to call the St. Jude campus home, where patients could discover them and have their day brightened.

Company Donations

With the company matching individual donation contributions, employees are given the chance to donate to the Boys and Girls Club, Knowledge Quest, United Way, and St. Jude. Supported by the majority of our employees, our Year-End Giving Campaign eclipsed last year’s contributions by nearly 25%.

In this festive season of giving, we are thankful and honored for the numerous organizations that have allowed us to join them in development and improvement over the course of 2019. As you can see, community investment is a cause that is deeply rooted in each member of our family of companies. We look forward to the opportunities that we will have to serve in 2020.