CI Corner: CI Team #3 Sets Mentor Program In Motion

By: Taylor McPherson, Director of Communications and Community Engagement

*Note: Our CI Corner outlines our team’s efforts to perform to the best of our personal and professional abilities, while continuously improving on yesterday’s performance.

After a deep dive into the results of the company’s most recent Safety Perception Survey, our team opted to let these findings steer the focus of our next Continuous Improvement Team – CI Team #3. One perk we learned was that across the organization, there was already a lot of informal mentoring taking place. We just needed to outline a few parameters for the added benefit of our new hires.

After selecting teammates who represent a diverse cross-section of our family of companies, it was decided that their focus would be on the implementation of a Mentor Program. It’s no secret that the construction industry is one that is very technically-focused. Thus, this program would strengthen the onboarding process of new teammates by providing a friendly face to learn from while out in the field. In other words, someone to “show them the ropes.”

While some of the groundwork had previously been laid for this program, CI Team #3 sought to add updates, finishing touches and begin the roll-out of this revamped program.

Over the course of October 26-28, the team tackled a majority of the planning in a Rapid Improvement Workshop facilitated by CAT Safety Services. Within this span of three days, the group put structure around what a “good” mentor looks like, as well as details around compensation and check-points for assessment.

Both CI Team #3 and the Safety Steering Team will regroup on November 9, 2021, to discuss next steps for final approval and a subsequent company-wide roll-out. In addition, the team will be discussing how mentors are chosen, as well as selecting a few mentors to serve in the pilot program.

Pictured Top to Bottom LEFT COLUMN: Wayne Bishop, Mike Crowson, Andrew Ray, Christopher Harris. RIGHT COLUMN: Daniel Barajas, Tyler Jordan, Hunter Franklin, David Anderson. Not pictured: Melissa Negron.