Celebrating Charlie Mitchell’s Retirement

Ever since his start in the fall of 1988, Charlie Mitchell has made quite the impression on our team. Most recently serving as a Distributor Operator, his approach to teamwork was always that safety comes first and foremost. Thus, he spent his time inspiring the team to follow suit.
Charlie Mitchell

Charlie’s Foreman, Levester “Duke” Watt, perfectly described the type of teammate that Charlie was when he shared, “Charlie has [worked] with me for 27 years and he taught me a lot about paving. He’s always kept everyone grounded and reminded [us] to watch out for traffic. He was a great inspiration for our crew and had a positive attitude every day we came to work.”

In his closing remarks, Duke had incredibly high praise to share for Charlie’s work ethic and encouragement over the years. He said, “I just want to say, if it wasn’t for Charlie [having been] there for me, I wouldn’t be the foreman that I am now. I would like to say thank to Charlie and [that we are] really going to miss him.”


In order to hear how he’s achieved such a strong and long-standing career, we sat down with Charlie to hear his experience firsthand:

Do you remember your first day? When you started, did you think you would end up retiring from here?
“It was 1988. I worked at a steel mill making iron and then started working with Lehman-Roberts. I operated a distributor truck and used the shovel, the lute, and [more]. I’ve done all kinds of work in my lifetime. It was the thing for me… I just enjoyed doing the work. Lehman-Roberts [has been] a good place to work, I’ll tell you that.”

What were some of the greatest successes and challenges over the years? 
“It was good on everything. I taught [the team] a lot on different things. It was a dangerous job [on the roads], so someone had to be on watch. I enjoyed the job and miss it. We were close like a family.”

What did you enjoy most about work?
“I enjoyed luting and shoveling. I was also on the screed once upon a time. I just enjoyed doing the work.” Charlie also shared his deep love for the people he worked with on a day-to-day basis.

Describe the characteristics of your team.
“We were a family. All of them were nice and I tried to do the same. It was a wonderful thing, all the years I was there.”

Charlie’s years of dedication and teaching were certainly a large influence in bringing up the next generation of construction professionals. We thank him for his service and wish him many more years of prosperity in doing what he loves!