3-for-30: Norrie Kyle

Norrie K. Kyle – Mechanic, 35 years

How did you get into this career, and what led you to this company?

After spending four years in the United States Marine Corps, I attended mechanic school and then Southwest Tennessee Community College (the former Shelby State Community College and the former State Technical Institute at Memphis). When I finished my studies, I was referred to Lehman-Roberts Co. by the unemployment office. I started working at Plant 4 back when the main shop was there before we built the new shop here at Wilson Street.

What is your favorite part about working at Lehman-Roberts Co./Memphis Stone & Gravel Co.?

I love working on engines – all engines, from lawn mowers to 3500s. I love taking things others have torn up, putting them back together to spec and doing it so they can’t be torn up again.

What is the best piece of advice you have received during your career? 

When you do a job, do it well. No matter what it is, whether good or bad, do the best you can.

What do you enjoy in your off time?

When I leave work, I go home and continue learning things to make me better at my job. I read articles on the computer and try to apply these new skills when I get back to work. I like doing that, and I like learning. After I retire, I plan to go back to school and learn a new field.

What would you like people to know about you?

I have the best wife and daughter in the world. My wife and I have been together 41 years, and she’s great. And, we did good with our daughter. We’re so proud of her.