3-for-30: Mike Smith

Mike Smith – Foreman, 37 Years

How did you get into this career, and what led you to Lehman-Roberts?

I guess it really started as a kid because I always liked playing with toy trucks and equipment.  I went to work for Grenada Sand & Gravel after high school.  I thought that was just going to be a summer job, but then I stayed on.  Three or four other guys and I came to work here when Lehman-Roberts Co. bought Grenada Sand & Gravel.

What are your job duties/responsibilities?

I oversee general asphalt plant operations, including production of material needed by customers and our own paving crews. I also manage plant maintenance, employee scheduling and training.

What is your favorite part about working here and how do our core values impact you?

It’s just good people. Everybody, the guys in the plant, the truck drivers and the owners and managers. Our leaders mean what they say. They treat people right, give us good equipment to work with and make sure we have everything we need to do our jobs safely.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like hunting, fishing and football.