WHO Behind What We Do: Noe Rogelio Santos Hernandez

By: Taylor McPherson, Director of Communications and Community Engagement

Wash plants and aggregate pits tend to be relatively expansive spaces to set foot in. This can ultimately make for a real challenge to keep the conveyers humming and materials flowing. Materials that not only support the asphalt and paving operations of our family of companies, but also other customers as well.

A Leadman steps in to help bring coordination to these ebbs and flows of our aggregate plants. At North Plant, Rogelio Santos Hernandez is our guy. After joining the team 15 years ago as part of the prospecting crew, he later joined the team at North Plant and has brought impressive skill ever since.

When approached to share their praise, Rogelio’s team had no shortage of recollection as to how he’s always going above and beyond in his duties. “That’s just about every day,” laughed Terry Lovett, Foreman of North Plant, to whom Rogelio reports. “He makes the clock tick.”

When you reflect on each of our core values – Relationships, Stewardship, Continuous Improvement, and Humility – it’s easy to see him in each one. That’s just who Rogelio is.

As a teammate, his relationships have a firm foundation. “Rogelio has a great relationship with all of his team,” remarked Eddie Ragsdale, Wash Plants Superintendent. “In fact, he’s usually the one we pair with new team members to mentor and introduce them to our mining operations, explain job tasks, and indicate possible hazards to avoid.”

While his role as Leadman has him fulfilling an array of duties, the job is never too small or large for Rogelio to take on. His team can often find him leading maintenance repairs, sweeping the roads, setting water pumps and more. Eddie added, “Whatever needs doing, he can and will handle it. He’s never worrying about whose job it should be. He’s one of my best go-to guys”

Terry went on to share, “We recently had to move some of our portable conveyors… it was hot and muddy. But Rogelio was putting his best foot forward to get it done.”

John Paul Finerson, VP of Production & Manufacturing closed by remarking, “Rogelio is a true leader and serves as a positive role model through his full display of all of our core values.” Eddie mirrored this sentiment by adding, “I think Rogelio has a great future with our team. He is a team player and go-getter.”

We certainly agree. Rogelio, thank you for your strong commitment to best-in-class performance. We’re deeply honored to spotlight you as our next WHO Behind What We Do.