View from My Office: Lenetta Lynn

By: Lenetta Lynn, Director of First Impressions

On a regular day in the office, our staff starts their morning off with a hot cup of coffee and a spirit of optimism. Our team knows that as long as we stick to the Core Four – our central values of humility, stewardship, continuous improvement, and relationships – our company will always operate smoothly.

Being “The Director of First Impressions” is nothing short of a blessing for me. Our crews work hard in the field to ensure that we all have safe highways and bridges that connect us to our loved ones. Thus, I feel that it’s my duty in the front office to be an example of how hard our office team works. I do this by serving as a bridge between the dial tone and the human connection that is needed to resolve any situations that may arise in the community or with employees.

I consider it an honor to greet our employees and our visitors with a smiling face and a willingness to help in any way I can, all while making their entrance into our work environment as pleasant and inviting as possible. You will always find me at or near my workspace playing a little Blues as I tackle my day-to-day duties. I also serve as a confidante to my coworkers when they need a laugh, a hug, or even some sunshine and a comfortable seat to sit in as they watch the Midtown traffic drive by.

Since my specialty is first impressions, I pride myself in being the companies’ smiling face and empathetic tone that sets the mood for any obstacles that our teams may face. While I may just be a face and a voice that answers to some, I strive daily to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep because I am human, and I understand. At the end of the day, that’s all we really need.

If you ever stop by our office on Cooper Street and need a pick me up, a hot cup of coffee, office supplies, directions, or just someone that understands, don’t hesitate to join me for a chat. After all, good old-fashioned hospitality is my specialty.