TPR Stars: Johnnie Moore & Mike Griggs

johnnie-moore-and-mike-griggs_1Combined, Johnnie Moore and Mike Griggs have worked for Lehman-Roberts Co. for nearly 40 years. Johnnie is an equipment operator and Mike the crusher operator at Plant 5. And, both have made a commitment to their equipment. 

Plant 5, due to it’s location and proximity to the higher growth areas in the Memphis area, is our highest producing asphalt plant. In short, down-time hurts not only Lehman-Roberts Co., but our customers, as well. All the more reason to have our equipment in its best operating condition.

“It’s not hard,” say Johnnie Moore. “Keep your equipment clean and regularly maintain it. It keeps running.” When asked about possible TPR improvements, he said he thought TPR worked well as it was.  Yet, Johnnie advised using good judgment, saying, “Oil changes are done at 350 hours. But, if you’re running your equipment hard, do them at 300 hours.” His common sense is readily recognized by others. “Johnnie was a TPR man before TPR even began,” said Jobe Madison. “TPR has just given Johnnie a platform to encourage others to join him in taking care of their equipment. We all can learn from Johnnie by encouraging others to get on the TPR train and by holding each other accountable to the TPR standards.”

Howard Green feels equally about Mike Griggs, saying, “Mike takes meticulous care of his equipment.  He can operate any piece of equipment and he takes care of every piece of equipment like it was HIS piece of equipment. He even reviews the Operator Care Standards to make sure they match the manufacturer’s recommendations.” Mike said as much himself several days earlier. He noted for greasing that two shots was a good standard for equipment, but occasionally, standards may need to be adjusted. Mike spoke of the positives of TPR, saying, “TPR is good for helping newer people to train.  Even when we’re not having TPR events, the experienced people are taking up the slack and training younger people. When they start out doing the right thing, we all come out ahead company-wide.”