Tenure Awards – Fall/Winter 2020

We have an awesome team and love to celebrate the character, contributions and commitment of our team members. One way is by honoring milestone employment anniversaries.

Congratulations to everyone who achieved milestones in the second half of 2020. Thank you for your service.

5-Year Anniversaries:

  • Nick Koenig – Admin Support Team, Assistant Controller
  • Lamberto Navarro – Construction, Robinson Team
  • Ulyssee Wilson – Manufacturing, Plant 5 Team

10-Year Anniversaries:

  • Jimmy Echols II – Construction, Wright Team
  • Adam Parker – Manufacturing, North Plant Team
  • Melanie Stinson – Human Resources, Team Leader

15-Year Anniversaries:

  • Gary Johnson – Manufacturing, Perry Team
  • Jeff Turner – Asset Management, Field Mechanic Team

20-Year Anniversaries:

  • Dwight Clark – Construction, Taylor Team
  • Chuck Davis – Construction, Team Leader
  • Woody Franklin – Construction, Franklin Team Leader
  • John Hogan – Admin Support Team

30-Year Anniversaries:

  • Bubba Dukes – Manufacturing, Team Leader
  • Bob Suggs – Manufacturing, Plant 7 Team

35-Year Anniversaries:

  • Willie Earl Hentz – Manufacturing, Crusher Team