Service Year Awards – Fall 2019

Nothing is more valuable than the team members who serve our companies and customers. For that reason, we celebrate the milestone anniversaries of our employees in the spring and fall each year. On October 29, we gathered for a breakfast to recognize anniversaries occurring in the second half of 2019.

This was the first time the awards were held in the training room of our new home office. Pat Nelson welcomed everyone, saying, “until now, we have celebrated in other locations and I’m excited to celebrate in our own space, the space we built specifically to invest in our people.”

That morning, we celebrated 17 milestone anniversaries, ranging from five to 35 years, along with 12 first-year awards. Please take time to congratulate and thank our team members listed below:

1st-Year Recipients (from left to right): Dustin Gardner, Marcus Harvey, Marcus Ward, Jaderrion Hayes, Maria Bennett, Breanna Sanders, Marvin Barton and Reggie Tate (Not pictured: Jesse Parker, Ore Sutherland, Andrew Ray and Austin Hendrix)
5-Year Recipients (from left to right): Dylan Bolton, Billy Jones, Thomas Grady Jr., Kathy Richardson, and Jacara Watkins (Not pictured: Brian Hammond)
10-Year Recipient: Blake Kimbrough
15-Year Recipients (from left to right): David Reeves, Ernest Powell and Jamie Pruett (Not pictured: Timothy Wooten)
20-Year Recipients (from left to right): Ronnie Stark, Alan Parks and Michael Frost (Not pictured: Martin Menchaca)
35-Year Recipient: Norrie Kyle (Not pictured: Preston Bryson)