Revive and Thrive: Mission Partners Making a Difference

By: Taylor McPherson, Director of Communications and Community Engagement

Passionate for change and full of unmatched perseverance. When we think of those traits, we think of our mission partners. Without their efforts, our communities would look vastly different. The work of these organizations gives us all a blueprint of how to pave the way for a Mid-South that thrives.

In honor of National Nonprofit Day, we reflect on and celebrate the immense efforts of a few of our mission partners.


Started back in 1999, Advance Memphis knows just how vibrant the South Memphis community is. Their work supports economic revitalization through Biblically-based programs and classes that offer a range of skills, including work readiness, managing money, job opportunities and entrepreneurship.

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Alcy Ball Development Corporation is stepping in to restore the neighborhood and prop up home ownership through connection and empowerment of residents. They offer an array of programs to support their vision of an economically and socially restored Alcy Ball, which include access to financial tools, community advocacy and more.

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Alpha Omega Veterans Services, Inc. (AOVS) has been an unsung hero in the lives of veterans for more than 30 years. Their programs and counseling services assist veterans with reintegration into society, often after achieving recovery and rehabilitation from debilitating mental and physical conditions.

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Operated by local Habitat for Humanity organizations, the Habitat ReStores accepts donations and diverts household items and building materials from area landfills. Their important partnership with local families helps build, rehabilitate and repair affordable homes in your community.

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We have been honored to witness the impact this social change agent has provided to South Memphis families and the community at large. After opening its doors in 1998, Knowledge Quest has spent the last 23 years engaging with residents and responding to needs by providing access to health, offering opportunities for families, stabilizing homes and more.

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Faithful in their mission to coach, grow and lead the youth of Memphis, this nonprofit is helping children and teens ages 8-18 discover their identity in Christ and their purpose in the community. Now operating in 8 locations after 23 years, Memphis Athletic Ministries has grown to regularly serve 700 youth per day with their wide range of year-round mentoring programs.

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New Hope is an urban, college-preparatory elementary school that believes every child deserves an equal opportunity to develop their unique talents and access to education. Rooted in the heart of the Frayser community, they positively impact the lives of more than 400 students each year.

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Now three decades in the making, STREETS generates change as they engage, encourage and equip youth to achieve their potential through the love of Jesus Christ. Their programs serve students by providing resources to help them find their path to academic, spiritual and physical achievement.

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While these highlights barely scratch the surface of the full extent of their crucial work, we celebrate the accomplishments of our mission partners. We hope you’ll consider joining us in support of their causes. Our family of companies is deeply honored to have developed partnerships with these incredible organizations over the years. With their guidance and support, the future remains bright for our communities.