Project Highlight: Highway 6

Highway 6, running from I-55 to Highway 61, is a vital route for transporting goods and services, as well as for area farmers. The Mississippi Department of Transportation recently commissioned the replacement of 11 bridges on Highway 6 between Batesville and Clarksdale, with the job being awarded to Eutaw Construction Co.

While a great deal of the work we perform is as the general contractor, we often work in the capacity of a subcontractor, as we did on the Highway 6 project. Not only did this job involve bridge replacement, it also involved the construction of detour roads and required a very tight schedule. Darrell “Woody” Franklin and his crew have played a key role in the production of this job. With the help of the crews at Plants 6 and 11, Woody and his crew were able to deliver a high-quality pavement.