An Oxford Roundabout Gets Renewed

Every paving job has its challenges, but some more than others. The roundabout at the intersection of Belk Blvd. and S. Lamar Ave. in Oxford, Mississippi fell squarely in the “more challenged” category.

The job was to be retrofitted to the old roadway, meaning there was a lot of wedging and leveling work to be done. The unusually high traffic volume increased the challenge, as did the restriction that the roadway could only be completely closed to traffic on Saturdays or Sundays when the Ole Miss football team was not playing a home game.

The mix was a further issue. The required design is one that is normally used for long, straight stretches of highway, not the twists and tight turns of a roundabout.

Michael Ellis, Vice President of Southern Operations, said, “We knew this one wasn’t going to be easy. But, we also knew we had the team to do it right.” The team he is referencing was the team at Plant 11 and the paving crew working under Woody Franklin.

With David Houston as the project manager and Pete Ramey’s support and guidance, the teams worked Friday through Sunday over the last weekend in September to meet the stringent demands. When it was completed, the roadway was one to be proud of. Michael commented, “They took a broken, cut up project and turned it into one that looks good and rides even better.”