Now Hiring: A Players

By Fara Foster, Director of Communications & Community Engagement

What is an “A” Player? It sounds easy enough to define. Terms like hard worker, team player, honest and reliable all come to mind. People who exhibit our Core Four, believe in safety and take care of our equipment are people we want to work with. But, if we want to hire A Players, maybe we should determine what the difference is between A and B Players.


A Players own outcomes. B Players make excuses.

Humility and self-awareness are signs of A Players. They know when they’ve done the job well and they acknowledge and confess their shortcomings. B Players, on the other hand, always have an excuse.  And, usually, someone else to blame.


A Players try new options. B Players do what they know how to do.

Continuous Improvement isn’t just a core value for the company; it’s a mark of an A Player. A Players are always looking for ways to do their jobs more efficiently and are willing to help others. “This is the way we’ve always done it,” is a phrase you’ll only hear B Players say. When someone expresses a new idea, B Players tune out. Their comfort zone is their only zone.


A Players are motivating. B Players require motivation.

Excitement is infectious and people get excited by positive people. A Players make the people around them want to be better. B Players do the bare minimum. They do just enough to say they performed the task, but they rarely do it all, nor do they do it well.


A Players know the business. B Players know their jobs.

Who is the first person to get a promotion? The one who goes above and beyond to not only perform their duties well, but also to treat the operation as if it were their own. They look beyond the graph on the Scorecard to understand what the scores mean and how they can impact them. B Players show up, do their job and go home.


Lehman-Roberts Co. and Memphis Stone & Gravel Co. need more A Players. Because we believe our employees are our best recruiters, we implemented our Employee Referral Program in 2015.  Since then, we have paid out over $18,000 in referrals.  The rules are simple.  After 90 days of employment, the referring employee receives a $100 gift card.  When the referred employee reaches their first anniversary with no unexcused absences, disciplinary write-ups or work accidents, the referring employee receives another $500 gift card.


Our goal is to pay our team members $600 for every new employee referred.  This is a great perk, along with competitive wages and a strong benefits package that includes health care, a wellness and pension plan, and profit sharing.  Our goal is to hire, grow and retain A Players.  Check out lehmanroberts.com/careers and msgravel.com/careers to see our current openings.


Howard Green congratulates Bobby Webb for receiving a $500 referral for Adam Webb. Bobby is the foreman at Plant 5 and a 30-year employee who referred his son, Adam.
Robert Reed presents Jonathan Cobb with a $500 gift card for referring John Murphy. Jonathan is a 12-year employee and the operator at Plant 11 who referred his friend, John, for the ground man position last year. “You can’t move up unless you can do it all at the plant”, said Jonathan. “Being the groundman is how you learn to do it all.”