Meet New Employee: Lenetta Lynn

Expectations of any business are very often set by the first person we meet, which is why our front office must be staffed by someone who exemplifies our Core Four. That person not only sets expectations for our customers and visitors, but he or she also sets the tone for our entire team.

Please welcome Lenetta Lynn as the voice and face of our family of companies. Lenetta cut her teeth for MCI and Cingular, first in telemarketing then moving to customer support. She took those skills to other roles before working for the IRS. When asked about her role there, she says she “provided our GREAT COUNTRY with a friendly voice and a willingness to help our tax payers resolve their tax debt.”

Her experience with the IRS gave Lenetta a new appreciation for working for a smaller business. “I wanted to be a face and a name, not just a number,” she said. She had also started thinking about bigger needs, like retirement benefits, and was looking for an employer where she could grow long-term. “Lehman-Roberts and Memphis Stone & Gravel won me over with the core values because I had held those same values near and dear to my heart as long as I could remember.”

Spend a few minutes with her and her natural gift of nurturing will emerge. She’s a mother of five, four children plus a new fur baby, Harley Davidson, as well as a caregiver for her mother. Lenetta is also a relative newlywed, saying “I married the man of my dreams three years ago and I’ve been doing the ‘happy dance’ ever since.”

Lenetta believes smiling every day makes the world better. Everyone who meets her leaves smiling, too.

Lenetta Lynn