Lehman-Roberts Focuses on Safety

At Lehman-Roberts, safety is one of our core values. We have instituted a program that includes training employees in proper safety practices and procedures. The goal of this program is to cultivate a proactive mindset where the understanding is that safety is a shared responsibility among all employees and requires awareness and involvement of personnel and management at every level.

Our safety initiatives include:

  • Appointing foremen as safety supervisors who are responsible for training and setting good examples for their employees.
  • Daily monitoring of equipment maintenance.
  • A lock-out, tag-out program that prohibits employees from working on energized equipment.
  • A fleet-safety policy that ensures proper driver qualifications.
  • A safety committee responsible for reviewing all safety rules, policies and accidents.

We were proud to recognize these employees for driver safety and zero incidents at our 2015 Safety Awards ceremony.


Safe Driving Award Recipients. (left to right) Charlie Helmace, Bradford Kelley, Charles Greer, Michael Justice, Christopher White, Eddie Hayes, Dennis Mason, Ronnie Melton, Ray McCarver and Danny Sexton.


2015 Zero Incident Award Recipients. Jordan Higginbotham, Henry Gross and Leroy Shaw (with Pat Nelson)


Zero Incident Award Recipients. Albert Clark, Arnold Carson, Crystal Murry, Ellis Jones, Anthony Avery, Curtis Jones and Ernestine Boyd (with Pat Nelson)


Zero Incident Award Recipients. Charles Brown and Kenneth Wooten (with Pat Nelson)


Zero Incident Award Recipients. Willie Jefferson, Joseph Brady and Glenn Wright (with Pat Nelson)


Zero Incident Award Recipients. Michael Griggs and Willie Johnson (with Pat Nelson)


Zero Incident Award Recipients. Ulyssee Wilson, Albert Johnson, Ricky Pike and Aaron Eason (with Pat Nelson)


Zero Incident Award Recipients. Howard Suggs, Michael Smith, Chris Wilks and Blake Kimbrough (with Pat Nelson)