I-269: One Year Later

Before the 465,362-ton I-269 project was even bid, our team had to develop a thorough plan on how to build the largest job in company history within the designated timeframe. To do so, we had to understand several things with absolute certainty. 1. We possessed the aggregate source to produce the asphalt this project would call for. 2. We could produce the necessary asphalt for the job and still serve our FOB customers with quality mix. 3. We were staffed to perform the work without interfering with completion of our other projects. 4. Our equipment was operational and available for this project without compromising our maintenance personnel or our TPR efforts.

Because our planning was outlined so well, we were able to request an early start date after winning the bid for the project. This gave our team and our partners the benefit of more working days prior to the winter months. This factor contributed to the overall success of the job, but the credit truly goes to our crews who have worked as a collective team to accomplish such a huge milestone in just one year.

The original estimated completion date was February 21, 2018. As of August 1, 2017, 388,259 tons of asphalt, more than 83-percent of the contractual tonnage, had already been placed. In a progress report presented to the MDOT project engineer, Billy Jones wrote, “It gives me great honor to report how God has blessed the progress of this project, allowing a great team of contractors, subcontractors and committed personnel to come together and work in great harmony. We have been blessed with favorable weather during the entire process and look forward to an early completion.”

The plants and crews who have worked diligently deserve our recognition, appreciation and respect for jobs well done. Likewise, those teams have been able to focus their efforts on I-269 because of the efforts of our other team members who have worked so hard to perform all other work. Congratulations and thank you to our entire team. The collective efforts from everyone have allowed this job to be built efficiently and provided the possibility of completion several months early.