Huddle-Up for Safety Update

By: Fara Foster, Director of Communication & Community Engagement

Our first Continuous Improvement Team, or CIT #1, met three times over the summer. The main goal of this team is to impact cultural safety excellence by improving our daily huddle-up process.

That may sound simple, but when 340 team members working on 31 teams with 20-25 different locations factored in, it becomes obvious how much of a challenge that can be. To just start the process, each member of CIT# 1 administered a survey to the members of their own teams.

“Does your department currently do daily safety huddles?” was the first question on the informal survey. Each person was asked to rank their answer from 1 to 4, with a score of 1 being “strongly disagree” and a 4 being “strongly agree.” The average among the nine teams surveyed was a lukewarm score of 2.4, or roughly halfway between “somewhat disagree” and “somewhat agree.”

Since conducting this survey, members of CIT #1 have begun a pilot of the improved “Huddle-Up for Safety” process with their respective teams. These nine teams represent traffic control, quality control, asset management, crusher operators, wash plant operators, and paving crews. They also make up roughly 25% of our total employees.

CIT #1 met recently to discuss their progress and make necessary adjustments to the “Huddle-Up for Safety” process before rolling out company-wide. Watch for more information soon and training to be conducted during ATA in January.