Employee Spotlight: Ronald “RP” Proctor

RP_ShopWhen Ronald Proctor graduated from high school in St. Louis, he headed off to school in Florida with one main goal: to attend college as far away from home as possible. To quote RP, as he is affectionately known, “I thought I had it all planned out.” It was not long, however, before he found himself back at home when a completely different plan presented itself.

Not very different from most young men, RP admits that he thought about two main things growing up: football and girls. Murray State University presented him with the opportunity to play football and pursue an education, but it was one of his teammates that offered him a new way of life. This teammate was involved in Campus Outreach, a college campus based Christian ministry, and invited him to attend a meeting. RP quickly started participating in projects and eventually became a chapter leader.

RP moved to Memphis last January with his civil engineering degree in hand, and joined our EM division as Associate Equipment Manager. Still involved in Campus Outreach, he jumped at the opportunity to join the University of Memphis chapter on a mission trip to Belize in March. Since most of the population was Christian, RP knew the main goal of the mission trip was to encourage young men to become leaders in the church. While there, they focused on life-on-life experiences, building relationships, evangelizing in the community, and praying for the younger generation. RP thought he was going on a trip to encourage change in the people there, but realized how much they changed him. “The way the elders were giving their lives to service opened my eyes to how much I don’t serve,” said RP. That statement says a lot about RP, as his humility is quickly noticed by anyone he meets.