Employee Spotlight: Eric Trotter


Eric Trotter, known as Wayne to his crew members, is a man of few words. But, that does not limit what others have to say about him. He began working with Lehman-Roberts Co. in March 2003 as a flagger. At the time, his brother was a foreman here as well. Eric moved to Duke Watt’s crew eight years ago, and eventually began working as a break-down roller.

“He’s a heck of a roller man,” said Pete Ramey, Superintendent for Southern Operations. “Eric’s one of those employees who is out there doing what he’s supposed to. He’s a model employee. I wish everybody was like him.” Michael Ellis, Southern Operations Manager, added, “Eric is always glad to be there. I’ve never heard anything negative even come out of his mouth. He’s extremely dependable and real consistent with his work. Your break-down roller can make or break the work. We’re fortunate to have him.”

Eric is a family man, a father of two who chooses to spend his time away from work with his lady love and his parents. That commitment to family was even evident when asked what it was he liked most about working for the company. “It’s a family company,” he said. “I just got lucky.”

Luck has nothing to do with it, according to his foreman, Duke Watt. Duke said, “Wayne’s got the same attitude every single day. He is a faithful employee and never misses work.” That commitment and dedication is largely the reason for his position as break-down roller operator.

David Doubleday, known throughout the company as a true craftsman, has been a roller operator for years. “It’s hard to put somebody behind David. He’s very particular, but he’s never once voiced a complaint about Wayne.” Yet, it was Duke’s next statement that earned Eric the Employee Spotlight, in an issue dedicated to leadership. “Wayne gets along with everyone. When there is a problem between the other guys, they all go Wayne to smooth things over.”

Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about making a difference. Leadership is easily found in Eric “Wayne” Trotter, a man with a genuine smile, who is a faithful employee, dedicated to his family, both at home and work, and dedicated to making a difference. Even though he will never say so.