Clean, Lubricate, Adjust, Inspect & Repair

Throughout the year, we hold CLAIRE events where we train employees on maintaining our fleet of equipment. These events, like all of our training programs, play a very improvement role in our continuous improvement efforts.

This year’s first CLAIRE wrapped up on Friday, January 27 and was unique in several ways. Our normal events have participation from all members of one crew, but this event brought members from several different crews to learn and work together. The normal CLAIRE will take place over the course of a 5-day work week, starting with a day of classroom learning before putting that information into action on the equipment. This event took place in conjunction with our ATA, giving us the opportunity to do the classroom portion during ATA. Not only did this allow us to take advantage of the training environment of ATA, but it also allowed us to use the full five days in the shop to work on equipment.

Billie Hester with Hester Consults returned to conduct this CLAIRE. The team of Juan Belmudez, Dwight Clark, Christopher Davis, Eric Douglas, Jimmie Echols, Lorenzo Echols, Tethion Jones, Charlie Roquemore, John Wayne Smith and Johnny Williams worked alongside the mechanic team of Norrie Kyle, Michael Justice, Avelino Malagon, Jeff Turner, Teddy Willard, and Kenneth Williams. Together, they were able to complete the process on 7 pieces of equipment and further prepare us for a successful 2017.

(Left to Right) Charlie Roquemore, Dwight Clark, John Wayne Smith, Jimmie Echols, Lorenzo Echols, Johnny Williams, Tethion Jones, Eric Douglas, and Christopher Davis.