CLAIRE: Put it Down Crew


The “Put it Down Crew” is (from left) Jeff Stewart, Dylon Dowdy, Cameron Collins, Dennis Harrod, Todd Watkins, Jasper Adams, Johnny Williams, Aaron Baggett, Rodney Holliday, Alvaro Ruelos and Victor Enriquez.

By: Fara Foster, Director of Communications & Community Engagement 

Throughout the year, we hold CLAIRE events where we train employees on maintaining our fleet of equipment. These events, like all of our training programs, play a very improvement role in our continuous improvement efforts.

The week of March 19, the “Put it Down Crew,” led by Dennis Harrod, gathered for a CLAIRE event with Billy Hester of Hester Consults. Billy opened the roll-out meeting by complimenting the crew, saying, “This was some of the best equipment I’ve seen since early 2017.”

Brian Starr, our Continuous Improvement Coordinator, seconded Billy’s statement, adding, “Even though the equipment was just out of winter maintenance, the team was still able to find defects.”

Dennis Harrod commented that everyone got a chance to learn something new, himself included. He also informed some of the newer team members that while it may be harder to do this work on new equipment, it’s still a great opportunity to learn the “why” behind the CLAIRE. As one of the first-time CLAIRE participants stated, “In order to use common sense, you first need to have common knowledge.” Common knowledge is exactly what our CLAIRES are intended to teach.

Pat Nelson, President of Lehman-Roberts Co., addressed the crew and said, “CLAIRE events are great representations of how we live out our core values. When we learn how to maintain our equipment, we are continuously improving.  When we leave here and use that knowledge to maintain our equipment, we are being good stewards. But, this event is more than just equipment maintenance, it’s about building relationships. We spend time in these classes getting to know each other and building stronger bonds as a team. Those bonds result in us looking out for each other on the job and sending everyone home safely every night.”

Pat noted the new can become old when it’s not maintained and went on to challenge the team to take what they learned and apply it on Day 1, Day 100 and throughout the future.