CBU Students Visit Plant 5

Civil engineering students from Christian Brothers University toured the lab at Plant 5 to watch how aggregate and asphalt testing is done in the field. The northern lab team of Tony Braggs, Diane Dobbs and Joe Spears lead by Northern QC Manager, Dale Brewer, discussed the importance of quality control in paving and gave hands-on demonstrations on running several asphalt tests. Additionally, the students in Dr. Andrew Asotalati’s materials class learned the basics of building a mix design and saw real-life applications of the materials they are currently studying.

“The students were interested and engaged, asking questions about many of the tests. Some even expressed interest in future internship opportunities,” said lab technician, Diane Dobbs. “Overall, the students gained a better understanding of the service Lehman-Roberts Co. provides for our community and were able to visualize many of the concepts they are learning in class.”