Employee Referral Reward: Bubba Dukes

Congratulations and thank you to Bubba Dukes! Bubba, who is the foreman at Fly Pit, was rewarded with a $500 gift card for referring Waylon Dukes to work with us last year.

Our goal is to hire “A Players”– people who are committed to doing their jobs safely and well and who believe in our Core Four. We know our employees are our best recruiters so we reward them when they refer new employees. When a prospective employee completes an application online, they can tell us which of our current employees referred them. If that applicant is hired, the referring employee receives a $100 reward after the new employee completes 90 days of employment. When both people remain employed and the new employee reaches his or her first anniversary with no work accidents, lost safety days, unexcused absences or disciplinary write-ups, the referring employee then receives another $500 reward.