3-for-30: James Martin

James Martin: Fabrication Shop Lead Man – 33 years

1. Why do you enjoy working here? How do the company’s core values impact your day-to-day responsibilities?


I have enjoyed it – for 33 years. The company has the same values I do. I try to be fair to everyone, and I feel like I’m treated fairly. You have to be humble to do that. Everything I touch gets handled, and it’s the same for the company. I take care of my job and everybody else does the same. In a way, we all take care of each other.


2. How have you seen the company change for the better during your tenure? List specific changes in operations, projects, growth, etc.


The whole operation has changed a lot. When I started with the company, you came to work, you worked your hours, and you were grateful to have those hours. I never thought I would see anything that looked like retirement. Now, we have a good retirement plan and good benefits. The company has taken care of us.


3. You’ve been with the company for a long time…what about the company culture made it the right fit for you?


Before I came to work here, the longest I had stayed with any job was five years. I told them I would promise them five years, but here I am, retiring almost 34 years later. I have been able to work enough hours and take care of my family. I appreciate that. I like that I learn something new every day. After all these years, I’m still learning. Most of it is applied to doing my job, but I have learned a lot of other things along the way, too. Mostly, I like the people. They’re just good people.