3-for-30: Gib Wilson

Gib Wilson: Chief Financial Officer – 30 years, 4 months

1. Why do you enjoy working here? How do the company’s core values impact your day-to-day responsibilities?

I enjoy working as a team member to achieve goals, and I enjoy working here most because we have a culture of teamwork. Our core values affect what I do daily, whether that is providing information for a customer, answering questions for employees, trying to responsibly manage company assets or just being willing to do whatever is required to get the job done.

2. How have you seen the company change for the better during your tenure? List specific changes in operations, projects, growth, etc.

First, technology has definitely improved. When I started, computers were barely used, if at all. The first audit I worked on was done with pencil and paper. More recently, maintaining a newer equipment fleet has been a huge improvement, especially when looking at maintenance cost and reliability. From a plant ops standpoint, we used to operate more plants, closer to jobs, thinking the haul cost was a determining factor in being able to bid work more competitively. However, we have since found running more tons through fewer plants has made us more efficient and profitable.

3. You’ve been with the company for a long time…what about the company culture made it the right fit for you?

Being a family-owned company gives family life more importance. It has given me the opportunity to coach my children in sports and attend school activities. While there certainly is a responsibility to get your work done well, it also allows a balance to do things that are important outside of work.