3-for-30: Donald Marter

Donald Marter: Southern Ops, Trucking Manager – 35 years

1. Why do you enjoy working here? How do the company’s core values impact your day-to-day responsibilities? This is a good company with good people and good benefits. They really value the employees. The company’s core values match my own. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I just believe in doing the right thing. Our core values are just about doing the right thing and delivering quality. Quality is what we always strive for.

2. How have you seen the company change for the better during your tenure? List specific changes in operations, projects, growth, etc. The southern operations were originally another company that was purchased by Lehman-Roberts Co., but we’ve have been elevated and are treated equal to the northern operations. More recently, there has been an emphasis on reporting which has helped us become more efficient in every way. We are so much more on top of our investments, billing and collections and that shows in our bottom line.

3. You’ve been with the company for a long time…what about the company culture made it the right fit for you? I always fit in with the culture. We all get along great and communicate well. We are just all one big family.