3-for-30: David Greene

At Lehman-Roberts Co. and Memphis Stone & Gravel Co., our greatest asset is our people. Since 1939, it has been our goal to be the best asphalt producer and contractor in the Mid-South, and that would not be possible without great employees. We believe that the path to true success begins with hiring qualified people who will thrive in our culture. We have cultivated an environment which has allowed us to acquire and maintain loyal employees, some who have been a part the company for 30 years or more. In our 3-for-30 series, we will take closer look at those employees who have successfully contributed to our mutual success.


David Greene – Vice President, Business Development; 33 Years

1. Why do you enjoy working here? How do the company’s core values impact your day-to-day responsibilities?

Since I started working here, my wife & I have always felt that this was a gift from God – a job that offered our family security. Now serving the 3rd company president, it remains a secure place to work. I spend most of my time focused on one of our core values, developing and maintaining relationships with our customers, as well as with our own people. I enjoy visiting with our customers, their foremen and crews and listening to concerns as well as compliments.

2. How have you seen the company change for the better during your tenure? List specific changes in operations, projects, growth, etc.

We have grown our operation areas, expanding to Clarksdale, Oxford, Winona and eastern Arkansas. More than that, we have become more aware of providing a safe place to work for our employees. Safety has grown to be one of our strongest areas of emphasis. From the newest to the most tenured employees, we hold each other accountable and look after each other.

3. You’ve been with the company for a long time…what about the company culture made it the right fit for you?

You cannot spend this much time in one place without growing to love the people. To literally walk hundreds of miles of roadway, side-by-side, you really get to know people. Lehman-Roberts has become more like an extension of my family. This company has given me so many opportunities to represent them and has trusted me to uphold our values, as an officer and board member of AGC and President of both Mississippi Asphalt Pavement Association & Mississippi Road Builders Association. It has truly been a blessing to our family and we have been taken care of so well.