3-for-30: Howard Green

Howard Green: Superintendent, Northern Asphalt Plants – 30 years

Job Responsibilities:
Overseeing the general operations of the northern asphalt plants, including technical support, planned maintenance, hiring and training.

How did you get into this career, and what led you to this company?
Initially, my mother, who was a long-time employee, led me to the company. I was doing metal fabrication for another company when a position opened here in the maintenance shop. From there, I transitioned to asphalt purchasing, then started helping troubleshoot at the plants. The transition to my current role was a gradual one over a long period of time.

What is your favorite part about working at Lehman-Roberts Co./Memphis Stone & Gravel Co.?
I get to work with the best folks you could ask for every single day. They’re an exceptional bunch of people.

How have the company’s core values and overall culture impacted your role or inspired passion in what you do?
It goes back to the people. When I first started, we did whatever was needed to keep the plants running. But, over time, the company’s commitment to the people and our commitment to each other shifted from reactive to proactive. Sure, we want to do our jobs well and be profitable, but more than that, we want to take care of each other so everyone goes home safely every night.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Anything and everything with my family. I hunt and fish, too, but they come first. I don’t expect that will change either, especially since my first grandchild is coming this spring.