3-For-30: Albert Thompson

Albert Thompson: Plant 10 Foreman, Lehman-Roberts Co.











How long have you been with the company?

30 years

How did you get into this career, and what led you to this company?

I started in this industry working for a competitor. I met Clifford Epps in 1988 and went to work that August for Lehman-Roberts Co. running an asphalt plant under Charlie Underwood.

What is your favorite part about working at Lehman-Roberts Co.?

There is good pay and benefits, but my favorite part is the people. Everyone cares about the business, but people care even more about each other. There is always someone willing to help you. Talking about values isn’t something that’s thought of as being very manly, but we practiced our core values long before we started calling them out. We take care of our equipment, we helped each other and looked out for each other. We treated our customers with respect. Those values are not just how we run the company; they are how we treat each other.

After 30 years with the company, you plan to retire in February. What are you looking forward to doing in retirement and what will you miss about working?

It will be a huge change because I’ve been completely devoted to this company for a long time. Now, I’m looking forward to doing more things for my family and myself, like working on my property and helping my son. I also hope to travel across the United States. I will miss my friends though. It’s not real often you find a group of people like this.