Tenure Awards – Spring/Summer 2020

We have an awesome team and love to celebrate the character, contributions and commitment of our team members. One way is by honoring milestone employment anniversaries.

Congratulations to everyone who achieved milestones in the first half of 2020. Thank you for your service.

5-Year Anniversaries:

Jermol Brock – Manufacturing, Fly Team
Isaac Miller – Manufacturing, DeSoto Team

10-Year Anniversaries:

Chris White – Asset Management, Field Mechanic Team
Bo Williamson – Construction, Minga Team

15-Year Anniversaries:

Albert Clark – Construction, Franklin Team
Dave Leverett – Exploration & Environmental Team Leader
Shannon Minga – Construction, Minga Team Leader
Jermaine Winfield – Manufacturing, Fly Team

20-Year Anniversaries:

John Caulfield – Construction, Franklin Team
David Houston – Project Management Team
Pete Ramey – Construction, Superintendent

25-Year Anniversaries:

Arnold Carson – Manufacturing, Plant 7 Team
Alvern Phipps – Manufacturing, Fly Team
Levester Watt – Manufacturing, Watt Team Leader

30-Year Anniversaries:

Lyle Gilliams – Construction, Wright Team
Henry Gross – Manufacturing, Plant 5 Team
Solomon Trantham, Jr. – Manufacturing, Fly Team

35-Year Anniversaries:

Ronnie Keahey – Manufacturing, Plant 4 Team Leader
Joe Murphy, Jr. – Manufacturing, Perry Team